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Kjell Gustafsson 

Interview with Kjell Gustafsson

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A man that transformed his life

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It comes a time when we are able to be thankful for the tough times in life. This can not be fully understood by people who has not gone through the pain and overcome it. Kjell has

It comes a time when conflicts are understood in a  way that dissolves conflicts. It is difficult to understand for people who does not have that experience. Kjell has and has created a methodology to take you there.

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Wooden Hut

Put yourself in good company, even the best travellers can be supported by someone that tread the path.

Kjell is just a funny guy! He claims he does not know anything and yet he sometimes have a good point.

- Kjells friend

I honestly believe that you will benefit from contacting Kjell.

- Another for Kjells friends

Let us get serious. Kjell has an extraordinary ability to guide people to clarity. He is not a joke.

- By Kjell himself


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