An Enlightenment Intensive is a group retreat designed to enable a spiritual enlightenment experience within a relatively short time. Devised by Americans Charles Berner along with his wife Ava Berner in the 1960s, the format combines the self-enquiry meditation method popularised by Ramana Maharshi with interpersonal communication processes such as the dyad structure of co-counselling in a structure that resembles both a traditional Zen sesshin (meditation retreat) and group psychotherapy. Religious teachings and philosophical concepts are generally avoided.

Kjell was totally changed in his first Enlightenment Intensive 2001 that was held by Hari Eriksson. After that he attended as manny as he could and had many different teachers like Jake Chapman, Murray Kennedy, Patsy Boyer, Anjali Hill, Emma Mc Guiness. He has attended eleven 2 week retreats and many shorter.


After his second two week Enlightenment Intensive 2012 Murray Kennedy told him to start giving retreats himself.  He waited until some of his friends arranged the whole event 2017 and has since then given this retreats yearly.