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Kjell Gustafsson 

How can one describe a persons character, charisma, presence, deep understanding from a text. The following text gives an idea about some stuff Kjell has done in his life. But he would say he is, like you, more than his storyline. 

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From Kjells current understanding

  • It is just one thing  going on

  • Conflicts are due to misunderstanding

  • Suffering comes from not knowing who you are

  • The thinking mind are limited by thoughts 

This short film may say more about Kjell than all the words on this site. Warning it may be contagious!

Professional background

Business Meeting of Two Men Walking in the Hall

2021 Kjell started "Beyond me and you" to help people and organisations to live beyond inner and outer conflicts.

2010 Kjell was asked to help at a center with kids with drug problems. He found that very rewarding and did that for 10 years together with his consulting business. 

2008-2009 Two years for Malmö University teaching entrepreneurship and starting an organisation to help staff to start business based on their research.

2005  Started Open Awareness, a consulting business focused on Business  Development, Motivational  Talks, Change Management, Team Building

1994 - 2004  Worked for IBM as Logistic Consultant, Dealer Account Manager and Project Manager for 10 years. 

1998 Started his first company Optimal Products together with a  Håkan Mann (a windsurfing pro) . They developed a new technically advanced windsurfing fin  and took it from the idea to the market.  From research, prototyping, production, financing, marketing to sales.

Academic background


Negotiation, Mediation, Conflict Res. - Capstone Project

Negotiation, Mediation and Conflict Resolution   
International and Cross-Cultural Negotiation    

Mediation and Conflict Resolution           
Negotiation Fundamentals       

Intercultural Communication and Conflict Resolution 

Customer Neuroscience and Neuromarketing       

Conflict resolution Skill             

Types of Conflicts         

​Understanding Violence       
Know Thyself   
Appreciative Inquiry (Change Management)     

Intercultural Communication               


Working Psychology   

Computer Science

Civil Engineer, Industrial Engineering and Management 


ESSEC Business School


ESSEC Business School


ESSEC Business School 


ESSEC Business School 


ESSEC Business School 




Copenhagen Business School 


Irvin University of California


Irvin University of California


Emory University 


University of Virginia 




Malmö Högskola


Malmö Högskola




Lunds University 


Chalmers University


































Non-academic background

Mother and Daughter Meditating

Esoteric Philosophy

Esoteric  Psychology

Esoteric Sociology     The Esoteric School Copenhagen. Part time during 2 years
Psychosynthesis. HumaNova. Part time during 1 years 

Zen Coaching Training. Part time during 2008 - 2009 

Landmark Forum

Landmark Advanced Forum
Landmark Forum in Action                               

Landmark. Part time during 1 years 

Art of Living. 15 courses and retreats of Yoga, Meditation and self knowledge                        

Spread out over 15 years

Kriya Yoga several retreats, Kriya Yoga International

Vipassana 10 day  retreats. 4 times Goenka Dhamma Sobhana
Vipassana  9 days retreats. 2 times with John Travis  

Spread out over 15 years

Enlightenment Intensive. 11 two week retreats and many shorter                             

Different teachers spread out over 20 years

Ineffable Stream with Susannah Grover 2018

Gathering with Michael Schmitz 2021

Satori 2 week 2017. Ganga and Avikal

Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. 2004 with Saji       

1 month intense training, Vast Center 

Advanced Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. 2005 with Saji     

1 month intense training, Vast Center

Hatha Yoga Therapy Training. 2006 with Saj        

1 month intense training, Vast Center

Tantra part 1 with Johan Ekenberg 2016

Several Clearing Intensives with Art Mars 2017 - 2018

Rosen Method. 5 six days intensives and som weekends 
Different teachers. Spread out 2015 -2019

Dale Carnegie Professional Development 1994
Dale Carnegie Communication and Leadership Training 3 times
(twice as an assistant) 1996 - 1997

Awakening Session with Fred Davis 2017

Dearmoring 2 week with Åsa Kullberg 2019

Belly to Belly with David Cates 2017

Ten day Dearmoring Training with Sanna Sanita, De´an Matuka
and Susanne Roursgaard 2017 

Ten day Dearmoring Training Assistant 2021

Clairvoyance training 20 month
part time Healerskolen 

ICF Coach utbildning del 1 och 2, Coach Company Europa

Meet Yourself Mullingstorp year 2000 and 2016

The Journey




Mime theatre


Improvisations theatre







Chi Gong


Thai Chi




The Melchizedek Method


Accelerated Learning


Human Dynamics


Introduction to TRE


Silva Method


Bars, Psychic Reading


Rebirthing breathing


Warm Water Breathing...



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