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Self inquiry using Art 

2023 June 7 - 11

“The base of my course is to discover things in yourself

by practicing drawing and painting.

The drawings and paintings we make will tell a lot about the inner self.

Accepting what you see and feel in your own painting/drawing

will set your mind more free.

The visual result combined with questions

from my side and the group will give awareness on different levels.

Everybody can follow the course because it is a very individual approach

and fits to all levels of awareness.

It is also fun and pleasure in a beautiful environment and climate."
― Cornelis J. Rijken

"It is just a visual way to

find something inside yourself

that you never expected."

― Cornelis J. Rijken


If you ever have heard me (Kjell Gustafsson) tell you something about how Cornelis helped me to explore unknown territories in myself and you have probably already booked a place on this retreat.

It took me many years to really understand some of the things he taught me. He sowed seeds so deep in my core that in a way that there was no way of escape. But who would like to escape seeds of understanding and love? The mind!

I may never have encounter anyone that could see thru my patterns as accurately and non-judgemental as Cornelis have done. 

Now I have asked him to give a workshop for me and my friends that explores who we are. He agreed. There are some places available and I would love to share this with more people. 

Workshop leader

Cornelis J. Rijken

Place for the event



Time for the retreat
Arrival at Vidovina Wednesday after 17:00. 
Dinner will be served at 19:00
Relax in the beautiful environment together in the evening.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday will be guided by Cornelis
Departure before 10:00
Breakfast will be served at 8:00

Price for the retreat (including, food, accommodation, material and teachings)
€550. Note that there are no single rooms to offer at Vidovina.
Bed linens & towels are included (1 big, 1 small).

Contact Kjell Gustafsson for details. 
There will be a booking fee of €200 to assure your spot. 


Casola Valsenio is hard to reach by public transport, so the easiest option is to rent cars at the Bologna airport. If that doesn’t work for you, there’s a local taxi service you can contact (+39 335 678 3599). There is only 1 hour from Bologna airport and similar to the city. Easiest is either to rent a car together with other participants or take a cab.

The area around Bologna and Vidovina is fantastic. There is only 2 hours drive to Florence. So while here there is a strong recommendation to spend some extra days for enjoying holiday. 



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Vidovina from above.webp
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