Enlightenment Intensive

August 3 - 11

It is a highly focused, structured environment where participants continually contemplate one of four questions: “Who am I?”, “What am I?”, “What is Life?”, or “What is Another?”

Atma-vichara (Self Inquiry) is generally considered to be the significant  part of Jnana Yoga (Yoga of knowledge). We will also practise soft Hatha Yoga for keeping our bodies awake and aligned and fit for the process.

On an Enlightenment Intensive, participants practice a unique combination of contemplation and communication, which leads to dramatically increased consciousness, personal growth and not infrequently, the resolution of the question through direct experience.

Enlightenment Intensives are very pure. They are laboratories for the unrestricted inquiry into the Truth as each individual experiences it. No belief system or view of life is taught or implied. Participants examine their own experience, make their own inquiry and discover their own results.

Intensives are tremendously powerful. They bring participants into the actuality of the present moment and enable them to hold their attention on what is truly so for them as experience unfolds, hour after hour, day after day. Over the course of an Intensive concentration, energy, and awareness steadily increase enabling participants to go ever more deeply into the reality their questions point them toward.

Most importantly, Enlightenment Intensives are an environment where communication and contact between individuals gives rise to high levels of understanding, compassion and support. As time goes by an atmosphere of affinity nurtures a sense of trust and safety. Participants become willing to relax, to let familiar identities dissolve and to allow the experience of what lies outside their known perimeters.

Enlightenment Intensives are open to all people, regardless of age, creed, orientation or life experience because,
Truth is available to each and every one of us.
The old fables are not idle tales. There really is a Pearl Beyond Price!
It is available in this life, to you, as you yourself.
Enlightenment Intensives give you the opportunity to face what is so;
to be and relate yourself and be received by others as you truly are,
and to serve others by receiving them.
Finally, regardless of the results, Opening yourself to the Truth of what is so, is an intrinsically fulfilling activity.
It is its own refuge, its own reward.

Seven hundred years ago Rumi wrote a passionate invitation to the dance that is the spiritual path. Since no one has said it better I repeat it here.

"Come come
Whoever you are
Wanderer, worshiper, lover of living
It doesn’t matter
Ours is not a caravan of despair
Even if you have broken your vow a thousand times
Come, Come,
And yet again

Kjell who will lead this retreat got his life totally transformed during his first EI 2001. Since that he has been studying with 9 different EI Masters and attended 12 two weeks Enlightenment Intensives and many shorter ones. He started to give EI after Murray Kennedy (an international known EI Master) asked him to start 2012. 

For more about Kjell Gustafsson or to see an interview with him: https://www.beyondmeandyou.com


* The retreat Center
This week of intensive is at the peaceful Rasbo kursgård 25 km outside Uppsala.

One hour and twenty minutes drive north of Stockholm and 40 minutes from Arlanda Airport.
Check this link for pictures and more information

* How to get there:
For flights to Stockholm, Arlanda, main airport, north of Stockholm:

* Public transport:
Train to Uppsala Central station and then bus 805 towards Hallstavik.
Get of at Sursta.

* How to buy a bus ticket:
There's a bus 805 from Uppsala Centralstation at 14:30 and 16:25. It takes about 30 minutes. If you inform us that you take this bus we will pick you up at Sursta.

Rasbo Strandet 1
740 10 Almunge

Start: August 3
Check in 16:00 - 18:00, Introduction 18 - 19, Dinner 19. After dinner some more settling in before sleep. 

Retreat ends August 11 with lunch that is served 12:00

There are only space for 20 participants. To ensure your place pay the booking fee and send an email (see below).

Registration is done paying a registration fee of 1000 sek and sending a mail to Kjell Gustafsson. Please write who the payment is coming from!

* Pricing:
10,200 sek single room (if there are places available)
8.900 sek double room
If you are in a financially troublesome situation please contact me and we will find out what we can do for you.

The price includes full pension (8 nights / 9 days) and programme fee.

*Euro to sek:

* Payments in Sweden:
Betala till Bankkonto 9270-7055026, Kjell Gustafsson
Betala med swish 0709 - 655 466

Payments from abroad:
IBAN: SE1792700000092707055026

Contact: Kjell Gustafsson