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How to choose a coach or therapist?
One of Kjells teachers told him that it is difficult to know if the therapist is good. She added that there were some signs to look for.


  • Is the therapist happy, healthy, content and present?

  • Has the therapist done extensive work with him or herself?

  • Does the therapist want to play the old role of healer/therapist vs client role or is it a person that guides you to understand yourself and your own inner ability?

  • Do feel that you can trust the coach/therapist?

  • Do the therapist think it is wrong to be in where you are (in the current situation)?

It is a great list but not a guaranty. Choose wisely!

Coaching and therapy using The Friendship Approach
In this approach you will not only being guided and healed from old believes, patterns etc, you will also get an explanation of what happened during the session. A new way of looking at life. Explanations that combines visual and verbal understanding. This is important to eliminate the risk that the coach/therapist/healer remains in their role and the client remains as a client.

The Friendship Approach we show the client that they are not a problem at all. We do that by helping the person to investigate the reality. We do not want the client to get new believes without real experiences. A believes can be challenged and doubt will creep in. An experience has a different quality.

In this approach we help the person to see that her/his fundamental nature is great. It is normal to be fucked up (having not wanted behaviours)  if you had certain experiences. It is also normal to have the way we think based on our background how adversative sick our thoughts may be.

The Friendship Approach has some fundamental grounds at the same time it is open for using many different techniques for geting the transformative results.SOme fundamentals are:


  • understanding thru investigating and education

  • there is no difference of the fundamental nature of the therapist and the client

  • we are helping the person out of the story by showing what's true instead of healing a false story


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